Bring nature into your space and genuinely experience the soft connection to the natural essence of northern forests of Finland. The beauty of reindeer moss lies in its multidimensional structure and round-shaped upper surface. Each sprig of moss is unique; you will not find two that are alike.


Unique surface textures and shapes add a living, soft dimension to your interiors.

Polarmoss’ high-quality interior design products are based on a long tradition of master craftsmanship. All the phases of the entire production chain are completed manually: first the correct grades of moss are picked by hand in the forest, then the moss is colored with our various colors, and finally it is skillfully transformed into contemporary interior design products.

Polarmoss Bathroom Colors
Polarmoss Bathroom Colors Close up
Polarmoss Bathroom Colors
Polarmoss Bathroom Colors Close up

Flex Element

Polarmoss Flex Elements are a contemporary and classy way to bring a touch of nature indoors by creating unique surfaces from them.

Lightweight Flex Elements are extremely easy and quick to install seamlessly even on large walls. The fastener hook tape installation method offers limitless re-variation possibilities.

Whether used in private residences or public spaces, Polarmoss Flex Elements add an impressive dimension to any space. The available colors offer possibilities to design solutions with a variety of styles and tones. Individual artistic solu- tions are endless, created by using multiple colors of Flex Elements.


All Polarmoss Interior Design products are available in 16 beautiful colors, offering great possibilities for creating different styles and atmospheres.


See the profound beauty inviting to be touched.

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